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August 13, 2014


To:  Ferguson, Missouri Mayor James Knowles III

Address: 110 Church St. Ferguson, MO 63135

To: Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Thomas Jackson

Address: 222 S. Florrisant Road, Ferguson MO 63135

Re:  Cease and Desist; Release of identity of Michael Browns killer 


Dear Mayor Knowles and Police Chief Thomas Jackson:

On behalf of Black Lawyers For Justice, who has representatives in the State of Missouri and in 30 states throughout  the nation, we have become aware of troubling facts within your realm of direct supervision and control.

Our representatives have directly witnessed and have received credible witness and victim accounts and video recordings of serious Human Rights violations and serious Constitutional Rights violations of the demonstrators and protestors involved in the Michael Brown case.

Ferguson police officers, supplemental police forces, S.W.A.T. Teams, and other paramilitary police forces under your direct supervisory authority of have blatantly violated the 4th Amendment, usurped the rights of the demonstrators and have used illegal and unlawful force against citizens exercising their 1st amendment rights. Multiple, random, unjustified false arrests have been made.

Police officers under your command and control have without cause, without warning of any orders to disperse, wrongfully attacked and forcibly dispersed peaceful and lawful demonstrators.  These officers have shot tear gas, physically assaulted and shot rubber bullets against law-abiding protestors without just cause. 

Obviously the police have not been trained to deal with demonstrators and they have not been supervised properly. They have made serious errors.    

Therefore, on their behalf, Black Lawyers For Justice will be filing by the time of Michael Browns funeral, a notice of claim against the Mayor, the City Of Ferguson and the Ferguson police department that will be the first step of a major Constitutional Rights lawsuit to remedy the violations that have already taken place and to compensate the victims.   

In addition, on behalf of the protestors, we will soon file a Motion in Federal Court for Injunctive Relief in order to forbid and legally bar by court order, the police from taking anymore illegal and unconstitutional actions against the demonstrators. 

                                                  CEASE AND DESIST

We are demanding that you, at once, cease and desist all tactics, orders, policies and procedures that are currently violating the Human Rights and Constitutional Rights of the demonstrators. You must cease and desist from using unlawful force against lawful demonstrators.   They have every right to demonstrate. There is no curfew and you cannot attack people for simply gathering.  You are causing irreparable harm to their rights. 

Lastly, we demand you to at once, release the name and identity of the officer who gunned down Michael Brown. The public has a right to know.  Shame on the City of Ferguson for hiding his name while publicly exposing everyone else who allegedly committed any misdemeanor or felony to public scrutiny. 

The officer who shot multiple times and killed Michael Brown should not only be known to the public but he should be arrested and brought to justice before a court of law at once.  Anything less is an injustice that will not be tolerated. 

In the name of justice.


/s/ Malik Z Shabazz/s/

Malik Z. Shabazz Esq.
National President
Black Lawyers For Justice

CC: Reginald A. Greene

Green Legal Group

(Missouri Counsel)